Process: On-Site Scanning

MedSave USA proudly serves the healthcare market with a wide variety of onsite scanning and retrieval services. This ability to handle our client's high volume projects is what sets us apart–retrieving and converting high volumes of charts to digital format in minimal time. Our uniquely advanced 4-step process is comprised of Chart Pull List Validation, Scheduling of all Appointments. Scanning and Auditing.

Step 1: Chart Pull List Validation

  • All file data is imported into MedSave USA's database and flowed into Patients Tables, Provider Tables and Chart Tables.
  • All provider information is compared and validated for consistency and authenticity.
  • Any missing information is addressed with a thorough search of our providers network databases.
  • MedSave USA implements a Duplication Validation Tool that identifies duplicated charts.

Step 2: Scheduling of all Appointments

  • Utilizing a unique, automated Chart Pull Scheduling system, we are able to group and prioritize for optimum appointment scheduling
  • Our representatives contact our providers to schedule all necessary appointments.
  • MedSave USA handles the entire Request Kit preparation, which includes all the required forms
    to be sent to the providers (including HMO Letters, Patients Lists, Reimbursement Forms, etc).

Step 3: Scanning

  • Our retrieval methods include, but are not limited to Fax/Mail back, EMR System Retrieval (We offer both On-site EMR and remote retrieval solutions) and On-site document scanning.
  • Our On-site Encrypted Retrieval Hardware is specifically designed for the sensitive nature of retrieving and transferring medical records, conforming fully to HIPAA and all other government regulations for medical record retrieval.
  • Our storage device offers 128-bit encryption for added security and support–a highly secure, protected environment for the safe retrieval and processing of sensitive medical information.
  • As experts of remote EMR Solutions, our representatives contact medical facility to explore every possible retrieval method. To that end, our IT Department are always available to demonstrate all of the possible solutions and available technologies.

Step 4: Auditing

With our commitment to quality assurance, MedSave USA offers 100% auditing, verifying complete accuracy of all retrieved charts prior to HMO submission.